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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Front Door Colors

January 30, 2024

You know the saying, first impressions count? Well, think of your front door as your home’s first impression. It sets the tone for what’s inside. As a custom home designer, I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting with various front door colors, and I’m here to share how to make the most of your curb appeal.

Behind the Design Curtain

First, let’s talk philosophy! When it comes to paint colors, we’re all about neutrals. We want your front door to be a team player, blending seamlessly with your entire house. It’s not about stealing the spotlight but creating a harmony of elegance and thoughtfulness. Neutrals are a timeless choice that will grow with your home.

Front Door Faux Pas

I know, I know, you want a door that makes a strong first impression! I get it, trust me, but here’s a little design secret – don’t make your front door do all the heavy lifting. Avoid slapping on a bold color choice just for the sake of making a statement. You want your front door to compliment your home, not take center stage. Let your interiors experiment with bright colors and bold shades, and keep your first impression a bit more muted

Painting more than just the front door? Check out this blog on our favorite black paint colors!

Front Door Color Favorites

If you’re looking for a few go-tos to choose from, feel free to borrow my favorite shades! A fresh coat of Tricorn Black has been a consistent favorite color, lending a touch of timeless elegance to any home. Recently, I’ve experimented with Black Magic on the front door of a residence named Barnes, creating a dramatic yet sophisticated entrance. Another standout is The French, where the front door boasts the warm and inviting Accessible Beige– a perfect choice.

If I had to pick a favorite from our portfolio, it would be Boer. Boer encapsulates the essence of our design philosophy – a front door that seamlessly integrates with the home’s character. We’ll be sharing more about that project soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter because you DO NOT want to miss it!

Bonus Tip

  • Let There Be Light: We love front doors with windows, be it full-length or two-thirds. This design choice floods the entry with natural light, creating an open and inviting feel. It’s about making a grand entrance, quite literally!

Parting Wisdom on Front Door Colors

Your front door is a design canvas that sets the tone for the entire home. When selecting a coat of paint, consider how it fits into the broader context of your exterior finishes. Let it be an introduction, not the grand finale. And if you’re torn, neutral colors are your friend – timeless, sophisticated, and always in style.

As you embark on the journey of choosing your perfect color, remember that it’s not just about looks; it’s about creating a warm and welcoming entryway that reflects your personal style.

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