7 Reasons to Build a Custom Home in Twin Falls, Idaho

custom home in twin falls idaho

When considering a location to build your dream home, Twin Falls, Idaho, emerges as a compelling option. Being that vibrant city in the heart of Idaho, it offers a unique blend of charm, affordability, and natural beauty. As a result, it is truly set apart from other places. Here are seven compelling reasons why building a custom home in Idaho … Read More

5 Outdoor Living Spaces for Your Home

outdoor living space ideas

Hey there, fellow Twin Falls residents! Let’s have a chat about spicing up our outdoor living spaces, shall we? Nestled in the heart of Idaho, our Twin Falls boasts not only natural beauty, but also a cozy small-town vibe. With stunning spots like Snake River Canyon and Shoshone Falls right at our doorstep, why not make the most of it? … Read More

10 Ways to Lay Subway Tile

ways to lay subway tile in the kitchen Twin Falls, Idaho

Why hello there Twin Falls! Ready to chat about various ways to lay subway tile and all the different subway tile patterns? At Meg & Co, we’re all about adding that special touch to your place. Don’t tell anyone, but ways to lay subway tile are one of our secret weapons. So buckle up and get ready for a tile … Read More

4 Types of Lighting in Your Home and Light Layering

4 types of lighting: accent lighting

Light holds a remarkable significance in our lives—it guides us in the dark, enhances colors, and directs our focus. From the first flick of a switch at home to illuminating our drive in a car, the essence of light accompanies us from a young age. In home design, we often undervalue lighting despite its evident transformative impact. It goes beyond … Read More

10 Grand Fireplace Design Ideas in 2024

floor-to-ceiling fireplace

Is there anything more delightful in the home than a fireplace? I would argue, that probably not! If you grew up with a fireplace, you know exactly what we are talking about. It doesn’t just warm your body, helps you relax and dream, it warms your soul.  Each home tells a unique story, embracing the diverse lifestyles and preferences of … Read More